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ALUMNI is a community of graduate students that have finished some of our undergraduate and graduate degree courses in geography, history and archaeology. Our goal is to help alumni stay connected with each other, and encourage them to discover, and be inspired by, the University’s world-leading research and impact.

In ALUMNI, you can propose ideas, stay connected, set out your own professional experiences and we try to enhance relationships between the community of our graduates and our current students. All this with the purpose of channeling the enormous human potential that has been taught and can bring knowledge and advice towards this Faculty. This will impact positively on the teaching and the quality of their curricula. Likewise, the Faculty will provide its new graduates with an updated knowledge and tools to help improve their professional skills, and to guide their future careers.

Por eso, SER ALUMNI de esta Facultad se convierte en una estrategia de sostenibilidad de una gran comunidad educativa basada en la confianza en quienes fueron formados en nuestras aulas y en quienes se han enriquecido a través del ejercicio profesional.

  1. Helping graduates stay connected with each other and with the Faculty.
  2. Encouraging meetings between Alumni members, lecturers and the university community.
  3. Promoting teaching activities, continuing education training and research in the fields of the studies taught at this Faculty: undergraduate and graduate degree courses.
  4. Encouraging professional relations of Alumni with labour market and social and cultural world.
  5. Encouraging educational, training and welfare activities.
  6. Spreading the ideas and style of the Faculty throughout the Canary Island society, which is based on the defence of knowledge as a tool for social and economic development in conditions of fairness and ensuring social cohesion.
  7. Promoting discussion forums on university topics and scientific, social, environmental and cultural issues.
  8. Establishing a link between the University, this Faculty, and the labour, business and professional environment.
  9. Knowing, through surveys, the views of alumni on the academic offerings and other topics that are of interest to improve the quality of the studies taught at this Faculty.
  10. Any other objective that we consider relevant and appropriate for the purposes of ALUMNI.

At the University, students have opportunities for communication, interpersonal relationships, and knowledge and values exchange. Students provide a human wealth that we must protect. And those who have complete their studies are part of a heritage that the University and the Faculty should support and encourage.

This fact has led to the creation of this community, which tries to be active, productive and creative.

As an ambassador of our studies, we want to be close to you so we are able to know your concerns and your personal and professional experiences, and you may also enrich and update the training acquired. For this reason, Being an Alumni has some advantages:

  • Supporting your initiatives.
  • Providing advice on your projects.
  • Answering your queries.
  • Providing adequate career guidance.
  • Events, training courses and programmes you are interested in.
  • Taking part in a community that is nourished year after year by the experiences of those who completed their studies years ago and recently.
  • Collaborating in the dissemination of meetings and (social, cultural, academic, professional) activities organised by the graduates.

You are really important for us, therefore you must have some benefits when using the facilities, activities and services of the ULPGC and this Faculty. For this reason, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ALUMNI FGH CARD, your passport to accessing to Humanities Library resources.
  • 10% discount on the application for cultural and recreational activities organised by this Faculty.
  • 10% discount on the application for continuing training courses organised and/or coordinated by this Faculty.
  • Free access to conferences, seminars, talks and workshops organised by this Faculty, with recognition of having taking part and participating.
  • The possibility to use the assembly hall for alumni events from Monday to Friday.
  • There will be more benefits in order to make the Alumni FGH a community for coworking and lifelong learning. An innovative place that encourages and supports your creations in friendly environments and helps share them with others, and create networks and associations of interest.

You can use this form to formally apply for membership as a graduate in the ALUMNI community of this Faculty.

Please provide the information requested to process your registration properly.

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Year of graduation*

Brief professional references

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There are organisations and professional associations that guide graduates to the most appropriate professional fields. Therefore, it is important to maintain a link that enables the relations between graduates and collegiate and partners of those entities.

Professional associations:
Colegio professional de Geógrafos de Canarias