I hope that you will enjoy your experience browsing our website and I trust it will meet your expectations. The Faculty of Geography and History is the home of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies in History and Geography.

In the Faculty of Geography and History we are very proud of the high level of our two main missions: education and research. The education experience meets the quality standards of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) and the Canarian Agency for the University Evaluation and Accreditation (ACCUEE), owing to the official educational programmes focused on our students’ training and coordinated by a large group of highly qualified lecturers.

In addition to their employments as lecturers, they are members of diverse departments of Arts and Humanities, Social Science and Law. They are also members of consolidated research groups, and this is accredited by their curriculum vitae. This contributes to the high level of the Faculty of Geography and History, which has characteristics similar to other Spanish and global universities. The Faculty of Geography and History offers the opportunity to know about and learn from the projects from our lecturers to its students, encouraging their imagination and opening the doors to a new world yet to be explored.

This Faculty receives every year an increasing number of students coming from other Spanish, European, African, and American universities. This fact gives us a great opportunity and a huge challenge to promote multiculturalism and, therefore, be true global citizens of the world.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History, I have the privilege of enjoying institutional interactions and I am very encouraged by the dedication of our students and lecturers to daily and constant work at the prospects of improving knowledge and learning aimed at a hopeful future.

For those who consider studying at the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we invite you to find out what we feel as our academic home and we hope you will feel the same way.