The first document of the “Tutorial Action Plan (PAT)” was approved by the Faculty Board in a Meeting held on 21 January 2010 and it was updated afterwards by the Faculty Board on 22 February 2013. The position of Tutor and the actions for orientation and advising for students are established thereby. Likewise, the tutor shall coordinate the subjects of each academic year. The main three functions of the TAP are the following:

  1. Academic sessions. By engaging in these activities, students learn about the curriculum of every course offered at the Faculty, work placements, exchange programmes, student support services and the general function of the University, as well as study habits and techniques and learning styles, etc.
  2. Personal sessions. By attending meetings, tutorials and seminars, among other events, students increase their assertive and interpersonal communication skills. In addition, they develop self-knowledge, self-esteem, values and attitudes.
  3. Professional sessions. Students are informed about the labour market needs related to their courses. For students to gain insight into the training process, further education is also a topic of discussion during these sessions.