The main citizen rights with the Administration of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are listed below:

Regarding their personal relationship with the civil servants, citizens have the following rights:

  1. To be treated with respect and deference by the authorities and civil servants who will facilitate the exercise of their rights and the fulfilment of their obligations.
  2. To identify the authorities and civil servants under the responsibility of which the procedures are processed.
  3. To demand accountability to the University Administration and Staff, when legally appropriate.

Regarding the access to and use of information, citizens have the following rights:

  1. The processing of their personal data with the guarantees laid down by the Act 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE of 14 December).
  2. To be advised on the procedures, legal or technical requirements and documentation which apply to projects, proceedings or requests they intend to conduct, or to benefit from public services or grants [1].
  3. To access to the registers and files of the Administration as provided for in the current legislation [2].
  4. To obtain a copy of the documents of procedures in which they are the applicant.

Regarding the processing and documentation, citizens have the following rights:

  1. To be informed at any time on progress in processing of procedures in which they are the applicant.
  2. To obtain a stamped copy of the original documents submitted, as well as the return of the original documents except where they are necessary in the procedure.
  3. To submit arguments and documents at any stage of procedure before the hearing procedure.
  4. Not to submit documents not required by the rules governing the procedure in question, or documents that are already held by the Administration.
  5. To decide upon applications expressly and to be notified of those resolutions.

Regarding the participation [3] in the improvement of public services, citizens have the following rights:

  1. To submit complaints about slowness, inattention, or for any other reason of misconduct at the administrative offices or any other office providing public services.
  2. To submit initiatives and suggestions in order to improve the quality of services, increase performance, reduce public spending, simplify procedures or remove those that are no longer necessary, or any other measure involving a higher level of user satisfaction with the University Administration.


[1] This way of facilitating citizens to exercise their rights, under no circumstances may involve a normative interpretation, which refers to the Article 37.10 of the Act 30/1992, nor legal or economic status, but a determination of concepts, information about legal options or collaboration in filling in forms and assistance in writing formal requests.

[2] Access to the registers and files is regulated by the Act 15/1999, of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE of 14 December) and the Article 37 of the Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure (Legal Regime) Act, 30/1992, of 26 November 1992, amended by Act 4/1999, of 13 January (BOE of 14 January).

[3] The right of citizens’ participation in the activities of public services is included in the Article 23 of the Spanish Constitution, as well as in articles 3.2, 3.5, and 86.4 of the Act 30/1992.