The achievement of these objectives shall be conditional on the annual budget allocated by the ULPGC.

In keeping with the commitment to develop the IQAS of the Faculty, the following objectives for the academic year 2015-2016 have been proposed:

  • To conduct career guidance activities for students, in collaboration with other faculties of the ULPGC and firms. To develop conferences on professional profiles in the field of Geography and History.
  • To support the participation of students in training courses such as foreign language training, basic software training and computer-aided design training.
  • To promote external learning activities organised by teaching and research staff.
  • To develop academic and scientific extracurricular activities (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.) students can get involved in.
  • To increase the number of agreements with firms for Work Placements.
  • To conduct improvements according to the assessment of the IQAS (programme AUDIT).
  • To conduct direct dissemination campaigns for students at secondary education centres in Las Palmas, with respect all our undergraduate and graduate degree courses.
  • To support and collaborate with the ALUMNI Community of our Faculty in order to conduct meetings, talks, training and dissemination activities.
  • To encourage the development of the journal Vegueta, and seek support from other departments and research institutes.