Tuition fees for official university courses are set every year by the Government of the Canary Islands and they are published in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (hereinafter, BOC). Tuition fees for the academic year 2014-2015 at the universities of the Canary Islands are fixed by the Order 78/2014, of 3 July:download BOC.

Fees are fixed regarding the level of practical work:

  • The Bachelor’s Degree in History has a level 4.
  • The Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Spatial Planning has a level 3.


Tuition fees

Students will be charged a tuition fee for the subjects or credits they enrol in and for other university academic services. Students will be charged a higher or lower tuition fee, which will vary according to the type of enrolment. Students who had obtained a Matricula de Honor (the highest grade issued) in one or more subjects/credits will be granted a waiver of their tuition fee corresponding the same number of subjects/credits in the next academic year. This waiver cannot be applied to other studies or to a subject which the student had already enrolled in.


Fees for administrative services

  • Academic Transcript. Students taking their first undergraduate degree course at the ULPGC, students that have requested their academic transcript to be transferred, and students that have enrolled in another undergraduate degree course will be charged this fee.
  • University Card. Students undertaking their first undergraduate degree course at the ULPGC and it shall be effective until they finished their study. University card holders are liable to a charge for a replacement card.
  • Student Insurance. All students enrolled in the ULPGC must be covered by accident insurance. If a student is included in the General Scheme or some Special Scheme of the Spanish Social Security, they shall be covered by these schemes. Student Insurance fee shall be charged at the time of enrolment and it is mandatory for all students under the age of 28 and coming from Spain, EU, and from countries with bilateral convention on Spanish Social Security.
  • Supplemental and Voluntary Insurance. Students at the Faculty of Geography and History conduct many activities outside the classrooms. Geography students conduct excursions, field trips, and fieldwork. History students conduct work at archives, libraries, museums, or archaeological excavations. Therefore, it is advisable for Geography and History students to apply for this Supplemental Insurance, whose features are set out on the enrolment envelope. The Faculty Board recommends students to apply for this voluntary insurance in order to be fully covered.


Fees approved by the Social Council of the ULPGC

  • Distance learning. All students shall be charged this fee, irrespective of their type of enrolment.