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Degrees accredited

The Faculty has received favourable reports from the ANECA on the reaccreditation of its degree courses. See the reports:

Likewise, in December 2015 the Master’s Degree in Archaeology was also accredited (see the report). This Master’s programme is conducted in cooperation with the University of La Laguna.

This centre fully complies with the two conditions required by Articles 14.1 and 14.2 of the Royal Decree 420/2015 on the creation, recognition, authorisation, and accreditation of universities and colleges.

a) Centres must have renewed the initial accreditation of at least half of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees which are taught according to the general procedure under Article 27 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October on the regulation of official university studies.

b) Centres must have the certification for the implementation of its internal quality assurance system aimed at continuous improvement of students training, according to the provisions of section 9 of Annex I of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007 of 29 October, and the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

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